Cross Party Group

Diabetes - Fourth Assembly (2011-2016)




1. To highlight the causes, prevention and treatment of diabetes and the support available for people living with the condition.


2. To provide regular reports on the Welsh Assembly’s implementation of the National Service Framework on Diabetes and facilitate the sharing of best practice and the identification of areas of concern.


3. To facilitate better partnership and collaboration with

  • diabetes support organisations, experts and individuals across Wales
  • voluntary organisations advocating for health conditions with a close link to diabetes
  • voluntary organisations looking to promote a healthy living agenda


4. To highlight new research and expertise on diabetes and related subjects.


5. To provide a concise and authoritative forum to enable Assembly members to learn of the key issues of people with diabetes living in the communities they represent.


6. To provide an open forum for members to raise issues and explore collaborative work.






Chair: Jenny Rathbone AM


Secretary: Jason Harding




Minutes of previous meetings


The minutes of each meeting (published within 4 weeks of the meeting taking place) can be found here:




Annual Report and Financial Statement


The Annual Report and Financial Statement (published within 6 weeks of the Annual General Meeting) can be found here:
Annual Report and Financial Statement




Contact information

Jenny Rathbone

Phone: 029 2089 8287


  • Jenny Rathbone MS (Chair)
  • Rt. Hon. Elin Jones MS
  • Darren Millar MS
  • Dai Williams - Diabetes UK
  • Wendy Gane - Diabetes Peer Support
  • Jonathan Hudson - AstraZeneca
  • Hugh Thomas - Community Pharmacy Wales
  • Steve Bain - Swansea University
  • Paul Coker - Input Patient Advocacy
  • Nicola Davies - RCN Wales
  • DR Sarah Davies - General Practitioner - Cardiff
  • Jackie Dent - Retired lead coordinator Diabetes in Wales
  • Pippa Ford - CSP
  • Jonathan Fox - Boehringer-Ingelheim
  • John Griffiths - Lay Member
  • Penny Griffiths - Abbott Diabetes Care
  • Jason Harding - Diabetes UK
  • Lynne Hughes - Royal College of Nursing
  • Yvonne Johns - Diabetes North Wales Reference Groups
  • David Miller Jones - General Practitioner
  • Lesley Jordan - Input Patient Advocacy
  • Helen Nicholls - British Dietetic Association
  • Robert Wright - Lay Member
  • Becky Reeve - Sanofi
  • Scott Cawley - All Wales Podiatry
  • David Chapman - Medtronic
  • John Clarke - Novo Nordisk
  • Patrice Cowan - Sanofi
  • Lindsay George - Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board
  • Colette King - Medtronic
  • Chris Williams - Novo Nordisk