P-06-1213 Ban leisure use of Seadoo/jet ski in Cymru. Except in strictly controlled designated areas

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This petition was submitted by Richard Jenkins, having collected a total of 1,432 signatures.


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Our wildlife and their habitats are already under savage attack from creeping civilisation, resource exploitation, pollution and climate change. To allow the uncontrolled use of these noisy, dangerous, polluting leisure vehicles, to add to that damage is irresponsible! They offer no other service to mankind other than a fleeting spasm of excitement. This is both wasteful and irresponsible.


Additional Information:

There are daily recorded and unrecorded occurrences of disturbance, aggression and harm to both other sea users and wildlife. Many instances of physical harm and even death to both animals and humans. The recreational use of these dangerous high powered vehicle is almost completely uncontrolled. They must be banned from all areas excepting possible specific small areas set aside for these selfish people to damage themselves alone. This may prove too difficult. In that case ban them completely from Cymru.


photography of man riding personal watercraft during daytime



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  • Bridgend
  • South Wales West


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First published: 01/11/2021