P-05-1014 Give Dental practices and their staff the “key worker” status



P-05-1014 Give Dental practices and their staff the “key worker” status


This petition was submitted by Owain Dimmick having collected a total of 233 signatures.


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During the initial Covid-19 outbreak dental practices were staggered to be classed as “non essential medical” despite our roles saving lives through urgent infection care and early oral cancer detection. There are huge systemic risks associated with poor oral health which can’t be ignored. We also don't want to be in a position again where our patients could be left in pain due to Welsh Government regulations severely limiting the range of emergency treatments possible.


Additional Information

For decades dentistry had lead the way with cross infection control and utilisation of PPE. Alongside social distancing waiting areas, dental practices have now equipped themselves with the highest level of PPE, including respirators and full gowns to ensure they protect themselves, their staff and their patients, mitigating the risks no matter what the infection rate in the locality is.


Please support us to continue to care for our patients and provide what we judge to be appropriate dental treatments even if local or national lockdown measure are re-introduced.



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This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 03/11/2020.


The Committee considered an update on the petition and in light of the satisfaction of the petitioner with the response from the Minister, the Committee agreed to close the petition.


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It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 13/10/2020.



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  • Ceredigion
  • Mid and West Wales


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Business type: Petition

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First published: 09/09/2020