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Agricultural Pollution Regulations

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Purpose of the consultation

The Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee is gathering views on The Welsh Government’s agricultural pollution regulations.


Purpose of the Consultation

The Welsh Government introduced new regulations to control agricultural pollution in January 2021. The Water Resources (Control of Agricultural Pollution) (Wales) Regulations 2021 came into force in April and designated the whole of Wales as a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ), meaning farmers across Wales must comply with rules on the application of nitrates (slurry and fertiliser) on their land. Previously only 2.4% of the land area of Wales was designated as NVZs. In June the Senedd voted to call upon a relevant Senedd committee to urgently review the regulations.


How to share your views

The Committee would welcome your views on any or all of the issues covered in the terms of reference, and in particular on the following questions:


·         the positive aspects of the current all-Wales approach;

·         the negative aspects of the current all-Wales approach;

·         the process for developing the current approach;

·         the alternatives to the current approach; and

·         if an all-Wales approach were to be retained, how the current approach could be improved.



The deadline for submissions to this inquiry is 10 September 2021.


If you have any questions or would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us. For clarity, there is no designated form for submissions. For those who would like to submit their response electronically, please send your submission in the body of an e-mail or as an attachment to SeneddEconomy@Senedd.Wales 


For those who would like to submit their views in hard copy, letters can be addressed as follows:

Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee,

Welsh Parliament,

Cardiff Bay,


CF99 1SN


Providing Written Evidence

The Senedd has two official languages, Welsh and English.


In line with the Senedd’s Official Languages Scheme the Committee requests that documents or written responses to consultations intended for publication or use in Senedd proceedings are submitted bilingually. When documents or written responses are not submitted bilingually, we will publish in the language submitted, stating that it has been received in that language only.


We expect other organisations to implement their own standards or schemes and to comply with their statutory obligation.


Please see guidance for those providing evidence for committees.


Disclosure of information

Please ensure that you have considered the Senedd’s policy on disclosure of information before submitting information to the Committee.

Contact details

Should you wish to speak to someone regarding this consultation, please use the below contact details:

Economy, Trade, and Rural Affairs Committee
Welsh Parliament
Cardiff Bay
CF99 1SN

Telephone: 0300 200 6565