Nomination of First Minister

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Meeting: 18/05/2016 - Plenary - Fifth Senedd (Item 1)

Nomination of First Minister under Standing Order 8


The item started at 13.30.

The Presiding Officer resumed the nomination of the First Minister under Standing Order 8 that was adjourned at the meeting on 11 May 2016.  

The Presiding Officer asked for the nominations of Carwyn Jones and Leanne Wood to be confirmed.

Rhun ap Iorwerth withdrew the nomination of Leanne Wood.


Point of Order

Mark Reckless raised a point of order regarding the withdrawal of Leanne Wood’s nomination as First Minister quoting Standing Order 8.3 that a further vote by roll call must take place should there be an equality of votes. The Presiding Officer ruled that it would be unreasonable to force someone who no longer wished to be nominated as First Minister to be a candidate and that there is no provision in Standing Orders to re-open nominations once closed.


In accordance with Section 47 (4) of the Government of Wales Act the Presiding Officer stated her intention to recommend to Her Majesty the appointment of Carwyn Jones as First Minister. 

The Presiding Officer invited Carwyn Jones to address the Assembly, followed by leaders of the opposition parties.


Meeting: 11/05/2016 - Plenary - Fifth Senedd (Item 3)

Nomination of First Minister under Standing Order 8


The item started at 15.01.


The Assembly resolved to take nominations for the appointment of First Minister, in accordance with Standing Order 12.11.


The Presiding Officer invited nominations for the appointment of First Minister in accordance with Standing Order 8.2.


Jane Hutt nominated Carwyn Jones.

Rhun ap Iorwerth nominated Leanne Wood.


As there were two nominations, a vote was conducted by roll call. The Presiding Officer invited each Member present to vote for a candidate. Members were called in alphabetical order. In accordance with Standing Order 8.2, neither the Presiding Officer nor the Deputy Presiding Officer were permitted to vote.


The results of the roll call were as follows:


Carwyn Jones


Leanne Wood







[see vote summary for full result]

As there was an equality of votes between the two candidates, the Presiding Officer suspended the meeting at 15.09.


The meeting reconvened at 15.47. The Presiding Officer announced that as it was apparent that a further roll call would not lead to a conclusive result, she was adjourning the meeting and bringing proceedings to a close.


In accordance with Standing Order 12.8 the Presiding Officer will ensure that Members are informed of the date and time of the next meeting.