P-05-914 Equal Access to Health Care for the Disabled, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 04.03.20


Thank you for sending me Vaughn Gething's response. If I am to understand this correctly then, all surgeries are to have the bariatric space which perhaps could incorporate the hoist and adjustable treatment bed, the bed would by nature of a bariatric patient's needs, have to be wide which would also suit a mobility-compromised patient.

I feel that what I was petitioning for did not need extra space but can easily be incorporated into a normal GP's consulting room or the bariatric space my point it just needs to be available when a severely disabled patient comes in and that can be arranged as and when required. It doesn't mean that every time a patient with Spinabifida attends the surgery, that they will need to be examined on a bed for example.

I understand that GP surgeries are independent but I do think this is important enough to make clear the importance of it for severely disabled people. The lack of such facilities could well have cost me my life and I don't want that to happen to someone else and the problem is easily remedied.