P-05-909 Promoting the use of Makaton sign language in all Welsh schools, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 04.03.20


Dear Committee,


Thank you for again giving Isabella the opportunity to voice her opinions further during the petition process.

 After reading the document letter from the Minister for Education Kirsty Williams to Janet Finch-Saunders the Chair of the Committee Isabella has a couple of opinions.

Whist we understand that it is important to enrich the possibility for education for everyone we feel that the framework proposed by Kirsty Williams is too vague. Isabella feels it is important to reiterate that although Makaton is not a Sign language but a communication tool it is the first step to introduce people to Sign. The whole point of Makaton is simplicity and the fact that it is universal. Even One Makaton Sign a week taught in schools, introduced alongside whatever language the school chooses is best for them, will help the chosen language to be remembered. Not only is this beneficial academically but it will truly help to achieve an inclusive society, starting with the generation of children currently in schools.

This is a subject that Isabella is very passionate about as she has seen the benefits of introducing Makaton to children, not only with her brother Lucus who has Down Syndrome but to all the children who follow her daily Signs on her social media platforms of which the response and demand has been quite astounding.

   We do hope that Isabella’s views will be taken once more into consideration and look forward to seeing the outcome of the Petition debate discussions on the 10th March.


Kindest Regards,

  Isabella Signs.