P-05-914 Equal Access to Health Care for the Disabled, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 27.11.19


To Whom This May Concern


Thank you for sending me the link to the video of the Petitions Committee discussing mine and others' petitions.


It was quite frustrating because there seemed to be a lack of understanding about what the impact of inequality is on an already disadvantaged group. 


I wanted to say that I wasn't asking for a room that was just for the use of disabled people. The room could be used by anyone but would be there available when needed for disabled people. We appreciate we are in the minority so don't expect to have a whole room designated to us when we might not need those facilities all the time. 


The idea put forward by one woman on the committee that centres be provided, shows that there was a lack of understanding about how difficult it is for disabled people to travel outside their area in comparison to able bodied people. 


If it would be helpful, I would happily come to Cardiff to meet with the committee to effectively put flesh and bones on the issue. I could bring representatives from the Spinabifida and Hydrocephalus Information Network Equality (SHINE) group with me.


What is the plan regarding speaking to 'the minister"? I assume this would be the Health Minister? Would the minister write a proposal? If so, would I get to see it? I remain committed to being instrumental in pushing equality in health care forward.


I thank you for your support in this. 


Kind Regards,