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P-05-856 Ban the use of ‘Hostile Architecture’, Welsh Local Government Association to Chair, 17.02.20



Dyddiad /Date:                                                    17th February 2020

Gofynnwch am/Please ask for:                                        

Llinell uniongyrchol/Direct line:                    






Janet Finch-Saunders AM

Chair, Petitions Committee

National Assembly for Wales






Dear Ms Finch-Saunders,

Petition P-05-864 Ban the use of ‘Hostile Architecture’

Thank you for your letter seeking WLGA views on the use of ‘hostile architecture’ to deter rough sleeping in certain locations.

We would certainly take the view that the efforts of local authorities and other stakeholder organisations are most effectively used to prevent all forms of homelessness, whenever possible, and to remove the need for anyone to sleep rough. Local authorities have a range of statutory duties to people who are homeless, or are at risk of becoming homeless, and the WLGA were fully involved in the development of Welsh Government’s Rough Sleeping Action Plan.

As has already been emphasised by Welsh Government through their submission in respect of this petition, Planning Policy Wales puts place making at the heart of national planning policy, and requires developers and local planning authorities to think about the well-being of people in the design of new developments.

I can confirm that the WLGA holds no information on the use of ‘hostile architecture’ by local authorities in respect of their own buildings.


Yours sincerely



Dr Chris Llewelyn, Chief Executive