P-05-750 For single use items: introduce a Deposit Return System for drink containers and make fast food containers and utensils compostable

This petition was submitted by Marine Conservation Society and was first considered by the Committee in May 2017, having collected 1,993 signatures.

Text of Petition
The Marine Conservation Society calls on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to act upon the globally responsible Wales goal within the Well Being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015. Build on the excellent results achieved by the carrier bag charge, by implementing two further actions that would help Wales to achieve a zero waste, circular economy. Namely:

1. Introduce a deposit return system in Wales for all single use beverage containers such as glass and plastic bottles and aluminium cans.

2. Legislate that all fast food containers and utensils, as well as take-away cups and lids, if not reusable or refillable or collected for recycling in store, are fully compostable.

Deposit return systems are already in operation in over 40 countries around the world and have been proven to reduce litter, increase recycling by creating a more certain supply of affordable, high-quality materials, reduce costs for Local Authorities and create jobs.

Fast food wrappers and takeaway cups are a common litter item on our streets and making them refillable/reusable, easily recyclable or compostable would reduce litter.

Manufacturing new drinks containers and fast food containers and cups use up huge amounts of energy, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The more we recycle, and the less we litter, the better for our environment and our economy.

Assembly Constituency and Region.

·         Ross-on-Wye

·         Herefordshire