P-05-942 The Golden Hour when Suffering a Stroke - Ambulance Response Times to be recategorised from Amber back to Red Status

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Current Welsh Assembly Policy has categorised Ambulance Response Times to a Stroke Victim to the "Amber" Category- meaning there is NO SET Response Time Target to meet or achieve.


This Petition requests that the Response Time Target for a person suspected of suffering a stroke be recategorised and return to the "Red" Category, thereby ensuring that any stroke victim has the quickest possible Ambulance Response.


There is a well known fact of the "Golden Hour" which is the most critical 60 minutes in getting the much needed and relevant medical assistance to anyone suffering a stroke. Every single person in Wales should not have this "Golden Hour" jeopardised through having to wait for an "Amber" Category Response Time for an Ambulance.


Give Stroke Victims the Response Times they deserve and require - Make it a Red Response Time Target Today.


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Preseli Pembrokeshire

·         Mid and West Wales