P-05-928 Remove the words which promote the recovery of oil and gas resource from the Welsh National Marine Plan, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 11.12.19




We were very encouraged by the Welsh Government's very clear statement of opposition to the extraction of fossil fuels.


We look forward to having offshore powers in Wales and would like WG to put pressure on the UK government to devolve the licensing of oil and gas offshore to the WG. We must continue to challenge the fact that in the UK the oil and gas Authority still has the mandate -and is incentivized - to push for maximum economic exploitation of carbon reserves.


On page 2 of her letter, Lesley Griffiths refers to Wales' "decarbonization approach". This must be speeded up and is too ambiguous.


We wonder how WG is scaling that pathway - if "business as usual" and economic growth continues, so will energy consumption and therefore carbon emissions if that 67% reduction (set out in your Climate Change Regulations of 2018) is based on total emissions in 2040 rather than, say, carbon emissions in 2018. We understand that the world economy may triple by 2050, so that renewables will not keep pace with demand; yet renewables must replace fossil energy or as we know, we will not leave a habitable planet to our children.


Once again, we are so grateful to you and your team for making this process easy for us.