Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru

National Assembly for Wales

Y Pwyllgor Materion Cyfansoddiadol a Deddfwriaethol

Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee

Bil Senedd ac Etholiadau (Cymru)


Senedd and Elections (Wales) Bill

CLA(5) SE17

Ymateb gan ddau o unigolion

Evidence from two individuals

I am referring to the intention to re-name the National Assembly, and the u-turn on the previous commitment to call the organization a 'Parliament' in all languages.

Many refer to the institution as 'Senedd' already, in both languages. The term "Welsh Parliament" is barely used at present, and its introduction now as a 'semi-official' name would be a retrograde step and create confusion. Everyone comes to understand Parliament very soon if this is the only name.

If the Welsh language belongs to everyone, as is often said, this is a great opportunity for our national democratic body to show that, by giving this word a gift to everyone to share.

The announcement to use 'Senedd' in both languages was welcomed by groups, organizations, Senate Members and individuals. It offers one name and one simple logo that everyone can use. Many non-Welsh speakers have said that they feel the arguments for introducing a second name in English are patronizing towards them. Whatever our ability in the language, 'Senedd' is a name that everyone can be proud of.

This is an opportunity to get this right and to make a decision that people can look back on with pride. The name of our national democratic body, our Parliament, should resonate as well as our national anthem.

I very much hope that you agree, and that you will support the amendment of the Bill to ensure that our national democratic body has a Welsh-only name and logo.

'Parliament' in all languages'. \ T

Many refer to the institution. \ T The term "Welsh Parliament" is barely used at all in Wales. \ T Everyone will come to understand 'Senedd' very soon if the only name.

The Members of the Parliament and individuals. It offers a simple one. English language name is patronising to non-Welsh speakers. Whatever our ability in Welsh, 'Senedd' is a name that we can be proud of.

See back on with pride. The name of the national anthem.

I am very much hopeful that you will be able to do so.