SL(5)388 - The Plant Health (Fees) (Forestry) (Wales) Regulations 2019 

Background and Purpose

These Regulations increase certain fees payable to the Welsh Ministers for various licences, inspections, checks and works relating to plant health.  They revoke the existing fee regime for those fees which are to be increased.



Technical Scrutiny

No points are identified for reporting under Standing Order 21.2.

Merits Scrutiny

The following point is identified for reporting under Standing Order 21.3 in respect of this instrument.

Standing Order 21.3(i) – that it imposes a charge on the Welsh Consolidated Fund or contains provisions requiring payments to be made to the Fund or any part of the government or to any local or public authority in consideration of any licence or consent or of any services to be rendered, or prescribes the amount of any such charge or payment

These Regulations increase fees to be paid to the Welsh Ministers in the circumstances described above.

Implications arising from exiting the European Union

After the UK exists the European Union, this instrument will become part of retained EU law. 

Government Response

A government response is not required.


Legal Advisers

Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee

19 March 2019