P-05-833 Improve rail services for Chepstow

This petition was submitted by Richard Lemon, having collected 260 signatures.

Text of Petition

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to reconsider the franchise agreement for the new Wales and Border Rail operator to improve the level of service being offered to Chepstow.  This is particularly important as Cross Country Trains will be withdrawing their present service from Chepstow.  To provide only one train an hour to a town of the size and strategic importance of Chepstow – rail head for the Wye Valley – is poor indeed, compared with other towns in our Country and the Valley Lines.  Two an hour each way should be a minimum.  We recognise the need to get people out of their cars and on to public transport to help the environment. Improved rail services are a step towards this.


Additional Information

A submission to this effect was made prior to the granting of the new Wales and Borders franchise. This appears to have been ignored.


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Monmouth

·         South Wales East