P-05-831Contaminated blood – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 06.02.19



We appreciate the indicated direction of travel from the Minister for Health Wales. However, there appear to be a continual reluctance to commit to any sort of time scale, and every piece of correspondence is not replied to generally until, time limit limits have expired. The main inquiry is now taking evidence of impacted people (including myself and others on the Contaminated WholeBlood uk and others). As this issue is unresolved it WILL come up and possibly unnecessarily not reflect well on the Welsh Govt (WG). If the WG are going to resolve the unfairness- to do so expediently would, in contrast, reflect well. More importantly, given the time delays - we would urge the WG are requested to apply any improvement to the scheme retrospectively. The delays and slow progress just means that those impacted by infection in Wales by Hep C or HIV (or both) by the health authorities are simply penalised yet again by having the second misfortune of being infected in Wales assuming, of course they haven't died through the journey of this petition.


Richard Wilkinson

On behalf of Contaminated Whole Blood UK