P-04-408 Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Service – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 30.01.19


Dear Committee

I have been part of the service review process, and so am privy to, and have read the full document written by Professor Tan.

Although it is not entirely swayed towards CAMHS provision, I do feel that the proposals suggested in the review, if taken up by the Health Minister, Mr Gething, will add a greater and more patient and carer centred service.

Ultimately I would hope that once in place, the financial cost to the Welsh Government, and emotional, physical and financial cost to service users and their families in the future, will be lessened.

It will be interesting to hear the government response, following their consultation process; and I hope for wisdom from them.

The review gave a voice to service users, carers and families, and to ignore the voice given to the public would be a sacrilege.

Thank you for continuing your interest in the petition submitted by me so many years ago. I am grateful, and hope my contribution will have helped set a better service for anyone in Wales with an Eating Disorder.

As a point of interest, my youngest son was referred to the SPEED team in Abergele last summer after a considerable weight loss. He was seen quickly, assessed and we have successfully turned around and averted what could well have become as serious an eating disorder as his sister. It was a terrifying time for us as a family. The SPEED team are leading the way in Wales, and should be upheld, as well as congratulated on their work.

As I have pointed out before, these are illnesses with genetic features and triggering components, much the same as physical illnesses such as breast cancer.

Without prompt, effective early intervention for Eating Disorders people continue to be entrenched by illnesses that are highly treatable.

We need to become leading authorities on Eating Disorders and their treatments in Wales, whereby England and indeed other countries, refer to us here.


Helen Missen