P-05-823 Reduce the speed limit on the A487 in Penparcau - Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 07.09.18                                                                                 


The Petitions Committee

 National Assembly for Wales

Dear Sir or Madam,

As you should be aware, you received a petition in May of this year, that I raised with the support of the residents, and local shop owners of Penparcau Aberystwyth, in connection with our quest for a reduction of traffic speed on the A487, through a busy stretch of Penparcau, from 30mph to 20mph. The Petition was directed, initially, to the Ceredigion Council Highways Committee, but I subsequently contacted Assembly Minister Elin Jones, who met with me in March of this year in Penparcau, where we discussed the issue in the location that we, the residents are concerned about. Elin Jones offered her support, and passed on our concerns to Ken Skates, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport.

I have also entered into correspondence with local MP Mr Ben Lake, who is offering his support.

As can be evidenced, the petition has over 280 signatures from residents and visitors who all support a reduction in speed in this very busy section of road in Penparcau, where the shops are situated, and where children pass through, and cross the road to access the local school, some 200 metres further along.

Penparcau would be classed as a relatively small village allied to Aberystwyth, therefore 280 signatures, which in effect, represents 280 families, clearly demonstrates the strength of feeling of the residents.

I did write to Ken Skates regarding this matter, but he chose to ignore me and did not respond, effectively ignoring 280 families concerned with this safety issue.

In conclusion, I trust you will look favourably on this petition, and do all you can for the residents of Penparcau, in order to prevent serious injury or loss of life on this busy section of road in our village,

Kind regards

Rhian Lewis