P-05-823 Reduce the speed limit on the A487 in Penparcau - Correspondence from the petitioner to the Committee, 21.06.18

Dear Sir or Madam,

Over 280 people signed the petition for a speed reduction from 30mph to 20mph in a busy shopping area

of Penparcau Aberystwyth, the distance being only approximately 400 metres. Those 280 people represent 280 families,

and if you are aware of the size of Penparcau, then that is a considerable majority of families very concerned about this


There are several shops on this busy stretch of road and this road is also access to a primary school a few hundred metres away.

Both AM Elin Jones, who met with me in Penparcau to discuss this issue, and local MP  Ben Lake have offered support, and both have written to Ken Skates.

Therefore I hope you will look favourably regarding this petition.

kind regards

Rhian Mattick