P-05-818 Introducing a Register of Lobbyists in Wales

This petition was submitted by Llyr Powell having collected 55 signatures.

Text of Petition

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to to introduce a Statutory Register for Lobbyist in Wales.

This Petition follows a trend in both Scotland and Ireland towards increased openness around political lobbying.

Lobbying is a legitimate and valuable activity. It is a crucial part of a healthy democracy. The words lobbying and lobbyist can have negative connotations, implying deals done behind closed doors. The reality is that the more voices that inform the Government and the Assembly’s thinking in Wales, the more informed politicians are to legislate, to develop new policy and to scrutinise. For this reason, and on the basis that the Assembly is founded on principles of openness and accessibility, lobbying should be actively encouraged. It is positive how open and accessible and willing to engage the Assembly and Government already are. No action should be taken that will change this or indeed put people off approaching politicians on any issue.

Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Neath

·         South Wales West