P-05-798 Male domestic violence victim support services to be independently run & funded -
Correspondence from Petitioner to Committee, 18.04.25

Again I feel the question hasn't been answered. I would also like to point out the matter of screening male callers to said male services.

I would like the petitions committee to progress the petition as there seems to be a reluctance to adress the matter in hand. As mentioned previously there is a real issue here, the fact that no one will openly discuss let alone act is detrimental to all victims of domestic abuse across Wales.

Relevant information is available, however failure  "ask & act" or simply plain "answer" of Julie James only goes to show the pro's of said petition.

Further evidence, documentation & statistics will be provided by myself further along the petitions process to support the petition.

Again, I would like to thank the petitions committee for their time. 

Please help make Wales safer for all.

Kind regards 

Tom Embling.