P-05-781 Port Talbot Community Against the Super Prison


This petition was submitted by The Port Talbot Super Prison Protest Group and was first considered by the Committee in November 2017, having collected 1,263 signatures online and 7,528 on paper – a total of 8,791 signatures.


Text of Petition

We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government not to release or sell land to the UK government for the development of a super prison in Baglan.


The UK Government, with the support of the Welsh Government, proposes to build a 1600 capacity mens’ 'super prison' on Baglan Moors.


The site is near to homes and local facilities, local businesses and will place significant strain on roads and health services in the area.  The site is in an enterprise zone and designated for economic use as well as being in a flood risk area. 


Wales already has a large surplus of prison places with its existing prisons.


This prison would bring with it all of the associated problems with large prisons and there has been no guarantee from either government on what protections would be put in place to help Port Talbot cope with such a large number of prisoners.


There is no long term guarantee that the new prison would remain housing category C prisoners. It could be changed in future to hold more dangerous criminals.


Port Talbot can do better than this and our town deserves much more. Will you sign the petition and tell the UK Government and the Welsh Government, NO to a super prison in Port Talbot?


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