22 March 2018


Thank you for allowing Openreach to give evidence to you on 25th January. In response to the actions:
A question relating to Fibre-to-the-Premises, what number of premises connected with FTTP technology under Superfast Cymru are accessing superfast services from a provider other than BT?
Having reviewed the question, we cannot provide this information directly as it would be commercially detrimental to our customers to do so. What we can say however is our FTTP product is regulated and open to all providers to use. When it becomes available, all providers are notified at the same time. In other words, there is no discrimination in how the product is offered. A list of providers that offer the service are listed here:
What the current take-up of BT’s superfast services via the Superfast Cymru network is.  What is the corresponding figure in areas where Openreach has deployed superfast broadband on a commercial basis?
The current aggregate take-up in Superfast Cymru areas is 41%. In our commercial areas, take-up is broadly in line with this.


Kind Regards,

Kim Mears