Dear Petition Committee Members,


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on Cabinet Secretary for Energy, planning and rural affairs letter which indicates that the prohibition of fishing for razor clams on LLanfairfechan beach has been extended until December 2018, to allow time for the assessment of razor clam stocks. The key comments follow:


1.  Need for Signs displaying closure of razor clam beds


The majority of comments from Llanfairfechan Noticeboard Facebook group have shown a very positive response to the closure date. However, there is some concern that this letter is currently only displayed on one of the waste bins on Llanfairfechan promenade and it is hoped that signs indicating the razor clam bed closure will be prominently displayed at the various access points to the beach to ensure all potential gatherers are aware that this bye law is in place.


2.  Need for Fisheries authorities to ensure there are no breaches of closure


As has been raised previously, (see original notes supporting the petition), there are concerns that the relevant fishery authorities are in attendance on occasions when gathering of the razor clams takes place i.e. following high/spring tides etc. so that any violations can be stopped.


3.  Capitalise on the unique research opportunity to explore and report on the razor clam beds


It was very evident at an open meeting held on 24th July 2017 by Janet Finch Saunders(AM) that there was a dearth of existing evidence; being offered by the experts present; about the types, extent and health of the razor beds. In addition, there appeared to be a lack of extant information about razor clams on the internet. Therefore the current closure of the razor clam beds for assessment signals an ideal and unique opportunity to explore and gather findings of a virtually untrammelled area of research. Thus providing a great opportunity for any 'would be', or expert marine biologists, to provide kudos for the individuals involved. I.e. in terms of published papers and conferences etc., along with a fulfilling a huge gap in benchmark evidence to inform 'fisheries' practices for the future.

I hope these comments are of use to the ongoing progress and discussion of the Petition Committee.

Yours sincerely,

Vanessa L Dye(Mrs)


Petitioner to Committee, 16.01.18


Dear Kayleigh,


Thank you once again for this information.  Along with attachment I sent you earlier I have one additional point to put forward to the Petition Committee. There have been a few comments on facebook (Llanfairfechan) saying that residents think the density of the sand in places seems improved since the closure of the razor beds has been in place.


Once again, thank you for your ongoing help

Kind regards