P-05-795 Causing Nuisance or Disturbance on NHS Premises

This petition was submitted by Claire Thomas having collected 74 signatures online.


Petition text

S119 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 created powers to deal with persons who cause nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises. This was never enacted in Wales, and there are no provisions to deal with persons who create problems for the NHS in this manner.

There are numerous individuals who cause issues whilst on NHS premises, and the police receive many calls to deal with such behaviour, but there is no way of dealing with the issue effectively as there is no specific offence which the police can use to deter people who, without reasonable excuse, either cause a disturbance or nuisance, refuse to leave the premises when asked, or is not on the premises for the purpose of obtaining medical advice, treatment or care.


Additional information

The cost to health services and the police in dealing with persons who cause nuisance on NHS premises is significant. A number of these individuals present repeatedly, and there are no powers to deal with this. Their presence also causes distress to others who do present to the NHS for genuine reasons. S119 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 has been used successfully by police and health in England to address the issue since the specific section came into force in 2009, yet there is no power to do so in Wales, and although Welsh government suggested that there would be the development of similar powers to address the issue in Wales, this has not been forthcoming.


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