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Y Pwyllgor Newid Hinsawdd, Amgylchedd a Materion Gwledig | Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee

Ailfeddwl am fwyd yng Nghymru | Rethinking food in Wales


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Ymateb gan : Unigolyn

Evidence from : Individual



I think a lot more support should be given to the organic movement in Wales.  This would lead to better welfare, a reduction in the number of antibiotics in the food chain, a rise in the number of people employed in the industry and a better quality of food on the shelves.  Meat should be treated as more of a luxury, high quality foodstuff, and eaten less often.  It is food produced cheaply that ruins people’s health.  Cookery should be a compulsory subject in schools from 11-15, and pupils taught to cook full healthy meals on a budget, using more sustainable foodstuffs such as lentils, dried peas, stewing steak, and cheaper in season vegetables such as carrots and cabbage.  Education is key to what people buy to eat.