1.    The process for a woman who needs psychological therapy support toaccess it:
The process for a patient seeking psychological therapy support
is via a referral from the Patients GP Community Mental Health Team or Midwifery/Health Visiting Services to Local Primary Mental Health Support Service. Following referral, an assessment is undertaken, followed by a course of therapeutic intervention.

2.   Waiting times for access to psychological therapy services:
Our recording systems do not currently enable us to disaggregate patients waiting times for perinatal psychological support from psychological interventions due to other mental health conditions.

The vast majority of people (87%) accessing psychological therapies do so within 26 weeks. There are however some people (13%) waiting longer and we have an active improvement programme in place to ensure no-one waits more than a maximum of 26 weeks by January 2018.

Importantly, we are using technology to support people with mild to moderate depression. Our mastermind "Beating the Blues" programme of internet based CBT, offers people with mild to moderate depression a computerised package of therapy supported by primary care and our mental health services.

3.   A breakdown of the proportion of time spent by each of your psychologists on providing:

(a) 1 to 1, and

(b) Group

Psychological therapy sessions for women requiring perinatal support.


Our data recording systems do not currently enable us to specifically measure the time Psychologists spend supporting women requiring perinatal support on a one to one basis.


Currently, within Powys, no dedicated group work is untaken specifically for perinatal psychology. This is due to the very small number of women requiring this type of intervention, and the wide geographical area that Powys covers.

Where women require these services, they are either delivered directly by the Powys Psychology service or a specialist support service is commissioned to deliver a specific intervention.