(1) The process for a woman who needs psychological therapy support to access it. 


Women are referred to the Perinatal Community Mental Health Service by their Midwife/Obstetrician/GP/Health Visitor/Another secondary care mental health service (e.g. a CMHT). Following the initial assessment by a member of the team a care and treatment plan is devised in collaboration with the service user. If a psychological therapy is indicated then a referral is made to the psychology team within the service. The intervention could either be an intervention that is delivered on an individual basis or in a group setting (or both).


(2) Waiting times for access to psychological therapy services.


Since the Welsh Government investment in the Perinatal mental health services in Wales the maximum waiting time a service user has experienced has been 14 weeks for individual therapy and 12 weeks for a group delivered psychological intervention.


(3) The number of individual and group perinatal clinical psychological sessions provided by your Heath Board weekly; 


We have 9 sessions of qualified Clinical Psychology provision within the service per week (0.9 wte). In addition we have 6 sessions of an Assistant Psychologist within the service (0.6 wte).


(4) A breakdown of the proportion of time spent by each of your psychologists on providing:


For our qualified Clinical psychology sessions approximately 80% of the clinicians’ time is allocated to the provision/delivery of 1-to-1 psychological interventions and related activities (e.g. supervision, writing case notes, administration, travel, preparation for sessions, service development etc). The remaining 20% of time is allocated to the delivery of group based psychological interventions.


For the assistant psychology sessions approximately 40% of time is allocated to the delivery of group based psychological interventions, 30% to 1-to-1 individual psychological interventions and 30% to other duties (e.g. service development projects, research, administration, supervision etc).