P-05-767 A487 Trunk Road Through Tre-Taliesin: Urgent Need for Effective Speed-Calming Measures – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 02.07.17

Thank you for your suggestion that our petition may be heard before the formal closing date, in order to be heard by the committee prior to the Assembly recess.

I can confirm on behalf of the A487 Taliesin Action Group and the petition signatories that we are happy for the petitions committee to now consider our petition on Wednesday 5th July.

You have also asked me to respond to the Welsh Government letter you have received on this matter, so that the committee may hear our views.

Therefore, on behalf of those who have signed the petition and the many other members of our local community:

  1. For the past 9 months we have all been engaged in constructive discussion, including meeting with the police, local and national politicians, and together have established a coherent and cost-effective plan for speed calming measures. The community council have also enabled and supported participants to contribute to this democratic process. Our process is valid, reasonable and worthy of due consideration by Welsh Government officials.
  2. We had already understood that the Welsh Government is to investigate possible safety measures during this financial year.
  3. We have been alarmed that officials have not accepted our invitation to meet with them at the point at which they undertake their assessment, so that they can also consider our well thought-out suggestions, as part of their assessment process. After all, it is we who experience speeding traffic every hour of every day, and not welsh government officials. We would be very grateful therefore if the petitions committee could ensure that the welsh government arrange to meet with us to listen to our evidenced-based proposals and take these into account before establishing their own plans for safety measures.
  4. Based upon our research findings and the views of our local community we cannot agree with the officials' comment that the existing village signage at the south-end facilitates traffic-calming.
  5. A various points along the A487 from south to north wales there are already examples of white gates being used to signify to drivers that they are entering areas where caution is needed. We had simply made a written suggestion to the welsh government that as a village we could fund the cost of constructing and installing these gates ourselves and sought their permission to do so. Our generous offer was declined.
  6. In partnership with Dyfed Powys Police and the local community council we are about to commence a community speed watch campaign which will provide further empirical evidence of vehicle speeds into Tre-Taliesin and Tre'r Ddol.

I would therefore be grateful if you could place these additional comments in front of the committee.