Pwyllgor Materion Cyfansoddiadol a Deddfwriaethol l Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee

Ymchwiliad: Llais cryfach i Gymru: ymgysylltu â San Steffan a'r sefydliadau datganoledig l

Inquiry: A stronger voice for Wales: engaging with Westminster and the devolved institutions


Ymateb gan: Y Pwyllgor Materion Allanol a Deddfwriaeth Ychwanegol

Response from: External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee



 Dear Huw,

Re: A Stronger Voice for Wales: engaging with Westminster and the devolved institutions

Thank you for your recent correspondence drawing our attention to your inquiry on relations between institutions in Wales and the United Kingdom. You will be aware that it is the remit of the External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee to (inter alia):

(a) to examine the implications for Wales of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union and to ensure Welsh interests are safeguarded during the withdrawal process, in any new relationship with the European Union and in the intra-UK post-withdrawal arrangements for relevant policy, finance and legislation.

Effective inter-governmental and intra-institutional working will play an important role in ensuring that our Committee is able to fulfil its remit.

During our initial work on the implications for Wales of leaving the European Union, some of the evidence received highlighted questions relating to the robustness of inter-governmental relationships at present, and the need to address these in the context of shared competence and the repatriation of powers when Wales leaves the European Union. In response to your request for views, therefore, we would like to draw your attention to our recent report which examines aspects that are pertinent to your inquiry. In particular, you will wish to note our findings in chapters 9, 10, 11 and 12, all of which look at themes that are of relevance to your inquiry.

In terms of inter-parliamentary relations, we are engaged in a range of activity with colleagues in other legislatures. This includes participation in a conference of the ‘Brexit’ committees in the devolved legislature and the London Assembly and through my membership of the EC-UK Forum. Our report also draws reference to these inter-parliamentary arrangements.

We hope that this information will be useful in your deliberations and look forward to receiving your findings in due course.

Yours sincerely,


David Rees AM
Chair, External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee