Both the objectives are language for more power/influence. You have your clear areas of responsibility as to Westminster , overlaps should be minimal. Stop trying to grandstand and pretend you are what you clearly are not.


A) After last referendum you told us you now had the tools to do the job - WELL DO IT". Why are you wasting time and money on this political exercise where the Wales political class will be the only benefactors.


B) Stop interfering in matters outside your competence and get on with doing your jobs.


C) Stop trying to get more AMs we don't need them, if you embrace B) above work load falls, and if you still need help utilise our MPs to scrutinise they have less work now and still on full pay, they can do it in HoC rooms and if need be teleconference (no costs).


D) Again referring to B) listen to the people we voted EU out stop campaigning/working for a watered down solution, or a special Wales solution, we are part of UK whatever the solution is , it will be for all of us across the UK and will be decided by HMG and a parliamentary vote including Welsh MPs.


E) Stop wasting time, money and legislation re Welsh language, most of us don't speak it, have no need or desire to do so. It is clearly costing a fortune, destroying education in EM schools and is purely a tool to lead to being able to say we speak a different language here so are no longer part of UK (more political power). It isn't going to happen.


F) Sort education out again our PISA rating are a disgrace.


G) Sort GDP your efforts are paltry and EU money (well UK money recycled really) wasted on non jobs, being eligible for it is embarrassing.


H) You all have just disgracefully accepted a huge pay rise, so get on and do the job, or shut the whole devolution edifice down, the share of the grant it takes to run should be spent on us the people of Wales not you.