P-04-676 Establish a welsh language champion in our communities in Wales – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 19.12.16

Thank you very much,

In response to the e-mail below, I would like to thank the committee for taking the idea forward. This year, the idea has been welcomed by Carwyn Jones and a number of others.

I am grateful to the Minister for the Welsh language for his comments and response to the Chair’s recent letter. I welcome the fact that he intends to write to Un Llais Cymru to initiate the process, but I am a little concerned that the issue will be ignored by Un Llais, particularly having dealt with them through the medium of English only in the past.

I would be very willing to lead this work on a voluntary basis on the Government’s behalf and to try to establish policies for further discussion in the local government/language committees.

Many thanks,


Sion Jones