P-05-1053 Keep gyms open and consider them as important as shops should another national lockdown take place


This petition was submitted by Michelle Adams having collected a total of 20,616 signatures.


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If the Welsh Government has to make another national lockdown, gyms should be considered as important as shops in order to protect the nation’s health. They are a much less risk to Covid transmission than restaurants and pubs.


Additional Information:


- 22,000,000 (22 million) gym visits resulted in a mere 78 Covid cases

- Uk gyms showing just 0.35 cases per 100,000 visits




Gyms are still only showing 1.7% percent of cases, but they want to close us and keep restaurants open which have a higher rate of 9.6% cases


Male suicide is now at an all time high https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3431

Data published by the Office for National Statistics showed that in 2019 the suicide rate among men and boys was 16.9 deaths per 100 000, the highest since 2000 and slightly above the 2018 rate of 16.2 per 100 000. The suicide rate among women and girls was 5.3 deaths per 100 000 in 2019, up from 5.0 per 100 000 in 2018 and the highest since 2004.


https://academic.oup.com/qjmed/article/113/10/707/5857612 which discusses suicide, mental health and Covid.


Senedd Constituency and Region

·         Ynys Môn

·         North Wales