Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru | National Assembly for Wales

Y Pwyllgor Newid Hinsawdd, Amgylchedd a Materion Gwledig | Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee

Ailfeddwl am fwyd yng Nghymru | Rethinking food in Wales


RFW 38


Ymateb gan : Unigolyn

Evidence from : Individual


Set out simple frameworks to enable farmers (and wider land managers – forest, tourism etc) to find ways for those best to improve food production practices (incl innovation / grant aid support payments to invest in technology for housed livestock / effluent systems that work better in some locations rather than poor quality land-hungry habitat-destroying farming practices) - while helping others to transit towards being for public benefit outcomes (still some food production but focus on blocking up drained bogs*).

This will be very hard for many farmers who only want to farm to produce food and resent being ‘park keepers’ - *facilitating the psychological transition will be the key.

An example are ‘Farmer Clusters’, a Natural England venture where farmers themselves (not Govt, or RSPB, or NFU) to join together and own the process.