P-04-581 P-04- Opposition to cuts in provision for learners of English as an Additional Language – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Clerking Team. 18.11.15


Dear Jessica,

Unfortunately, further discussion regarding my petition is no longer relevant.

My original petition referred to my concerns regarding the future of the MELA grant, which was ring fenced funding specifically for EAL learners across Wales.

As you will be aware, this grant, regretfully, no longer exists; all funding for EAL support is now funded by the EIG (Education Improvement Grant.) The future of EAL support will therefore depend on any plans for further devolution of the grant to schools, and whether the status of ethnic minority pupils will be deemed a priority alongside multiple bids attempting to draw funding from the grant.


Many thanks for your support in bringing this matter to the attention of the Committee, Jessica.  I have appreciated your prompt and efficient service in dealing with my petition.



Helen Myers

Specialist Teacher/Athrawes Arbenigol

EMLAS (Ethnic Minority Language & Achievement Service/ Gwasanaeth Iaith a Chyflawniad Lleiafrifoedd Ethnig) Education Department/Adran Addysg Dynevor Centre/Canolfan Dinefwr Dynevor Place/Plas Dinefwr City and County of Swansea/Dinas a Sir Abertawe