P-04-519 Abolition of Park Homes Sales Commission: Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Clerking Team. 12.11.15


Dear Jessica,

The only correspondence we have received was a copy of a letter dated 5th May from Lesley Griffiths to William Powell thanking him for his letter of 23rd April in which she states that she is currently developing a research proposal for the review of the economics of the park home industry and that she will gather information from both the site owners and site residents as part of the process.  

I am sorry that we did not respond to the Committee decision to wait for our comments, I missed looking at the response from the committee because I was on holiday. Mr. Mountford does not use a computer and therefore I missed the Committee's decision, we should have said that Ms Griffiths promised us last year that she would carry out a review in the late Spring of 2015, and we should also have said that we were not happy with the amount of time this has taken to get set up, we now know that it will be 2016 before this report is published.  It is my fault that I did not respond straight away and I do apologise, I am responding now and say that we are grateful that a review is finally under way but that we are disappointed that it is taking so long.  Ms. Griffiths has not contacted us directly but Kirsty Williams did ask the question on our behalf of Ms Griffiths as to how long this would all take and Ms Griffiths replied that the deadline for the publication of the final report would be June 2016.

We would very much like to keep the petition going and thank the Committee very much for their work thus far.


Many thanks and apologies

Kind regards


Sue Richardson