P-04-540 Stop Sexism in Domestic Abuse: Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Chair 10.11.15


William Powell AC/AM

Chair, Petitions Committee

National Assembly for Wales


CF99 1NA


10th November 2015.


Dear Mr Powell,

Petition P-04-540 Stop Sexism in Domestic Abuse

Thank you very much for the copy of the letter that the Minister for Public Services (the Minister) sent to you on the 29th September last in response to my letter to you dated 13th January 2015.

I regret that the Minister’s letter has been somewhat difficult to relate to the issues raised in my letter despite being some 6 months overdue.  It is curious that the Minister has taken such a considerable time to largely ignore the issues so carefully raised. However, it is noted that the Minister makes some recognition of the significance of the effects of domestic violence and abuse (DA) on boys and girls, but is totally silent on the risks of intergenerational transmission and perpetuation of DA behaviours in Wales. 

Protecting girls and boys in Wales is at the heart of Healing Men’s (HM’) petition to the Welsh Government (WG) since all instances and forms of DA must be recognised in order to develop effective interventions and strategies to break the cycle of inter-generational transmission of violent and abusive behaviours being learned by each subsequent generation of boys and girls in Wales.

Although the Minister touches on the significance of girls and boys in Wales experiencing or witnessing DA, the Minister is strangely silent on the irrefutable phenomenon of inter-generational transmission despite its obvious role in perpetuating the suffering and distress and the substantial economic burden that the nation and the people of Wales will continue to bear and which can be directly attributed to continuing DA in Wales. 

Healing Men protects boys and girls by drawing the Minister’s attention to the continually increasing, international, authoritative, respected and longstanding research and practice demonstrating that DA is a “ … gender inclusive and human phenomenon in which many men and women share both suffering and responsibility[3].  The evidence base for this must be beyond any sensible dispute and I invite the Minister to challenge this if he is in any doubt whatsoever.  Nevertheless, the Minister’s response seems steadfastly stuck in the old, outdated and Marxist principles formulated 150 years ago or so.

Healing Men protects boys and girls by drawing the Minister’s attention to the fact that girls and boys are at three times the risk of being victims of or exposed to DA when both parents are abusive

·         Why is the Minister, again, strangely silent on this crucial finding and seemingly is ignoring this phenomenon despite its centricity to protecting boys and girls and tackling DA in Wales?

·         Does consciously ignoring this distressing phenomenon constitute institutional child abuse by the Minister and the WG?

Healing Men protects girls and boys by drawing the Minister’s attention to the fact that the highest incidence of reported physical abuse is perpetrated by mothers[4]. An allied phenomenon is that mothers are reported to inflict more abuse on their daughters than their sons and statistically speaking, a daughter is safer with her biological father than her mother.  Yet again the Minister is strangely silent on these crucial dynamics in DA.

Healing Men protects girls and boys by drawing the Minister’s attention to the hugely informative and well documented experiences of the founder of the very first women’s refuge in Chiswick, London in 1972.  And yet the Minister is strangely silent on these powerful and highly relevant experiences by Erin Pizzey that are increasingly supported and internationally substantiated and which have not been discredited.  Ms Pizzey emphatically states:

“Domestic violence is not and never has been a gender issue.

For over forty years men have been demonised and pushed out of family life often separated from their boys and girls and many men have killed themselves so bereft that they saw no other way out. For me it is recognising that violence in the family is a generational issue.

Children born to dysfunctional families, marinated in violence and sexual abuse will often grow up to repeat these patterns”

·         Why is the Minister silent on these issues?  Is it because Erin’s findings are contrary to the old orthodox Marxist dogma and powerful vested interests that cannot allow any divergent views?

Healing Men protects girls and boys by drawing the Minister’s attention to barriers to equality being created by the Minister’s and the WG’s policies and dogma on DA.  Girls and boys left with violent parents because of irrelevant and self serving political dogma creates barriers to equality and is contrary to the Gender Equality Duty required of the WG as well as being an affront to good government and the people of Wales. 

Healing Men protects girls and boys by drawing the Minister’s attention to Welsh Women’s Aid’s (WWA) exceedingly and hugely generous surpluses amounting to £1,306,638 generated from WG grants over a matter of a few months with a suggestion that an objective review may easily channel scarce and meagre resources into more modern and effective ways to address DA other than the WWA’s “understanding” and its deeply questionable effect on boys and girls

Healing Men protects girls and boys by drawing the Minister’s attention to the fact that WWA and associated organisations prohibits boys from entering their refuges even if they are with sisters who are older.

Healing Men protects girls and boys by drawing the Minister’s attention to the overwhelming dominance of extreme radicalised members of the Welsh Assembly, the Welsh Government and associated radicals in other positions of power and control [5] and how this virulent sexual prejudice will damage the boys and girls of Wales and their relationships with each other.

The Healing Men protects girls and boys by drawing the Minister’s attention to the bias and discrimination practiced against the fathers of girls and boys by the DYN project and how this may create barriers to equality by unjustly stigmatising their fathers whilst refusing to even acknowledge the adverse consequences, especially for girls, of being left with the other parent who is abusive and may even be violent.  The Minister’s response is curious

It is noted that that the Minister suggests that victims of DA are NOT gendered “ .. the Welsh Government recognises victims can be from across the whole spectrum of society, irrespective of gender”.  This would seem to be in direct contradiction to the stated “gendered” policies followed by the Minister and the WG.

Men form almost half the population of Wales and there is widespread and growing concern about the increasingly biased and discriminatory attitudes that are becoming seen as radical and extremist.

It seems feasible that the Minister has little knowledge of, or interest in, the letter to which he has been asked to respond because the letter poses no immediate threat.  However, the falseness of the currently dominant radicalised paradigm is now so well established in the academic literature that it is suggested that the Minister and the WG are becoming increasingly exposed to future accusations of negligence in respect of endangering boys and girls in Wales.  These issues will not go away and, I am sure, will be ultimately be reflected by the people of Wales in the ballot box.

In any case I feel it is abundantly clear that the Minister is unconcerned about the WG’s policies that will perpetuate DA in Wales and institutionalise the abuse of the current and future generations of boys and girls in Wales.  I hope that you find that as reprehensible as I do.


Yours sincerely,

Tony Stott

For Healing Men


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