P-04-633 To Raise Awareness of Poor Broadband in Our Area. Correspondence from the petitioner to the Committee. 15.11.15


Broadband issues here at Llawrbetws


1        We advertise caravans online through various websites.  I am unable to upload pictures to the various websites

2        Businesses invoices are often sent via email.

3        Quarterly Vat return cannot be submitted online

4        Online banking is virtually impossible at times

5        Customers visiting the caravan park and the house that we let out expect wifi and our reviews mention the lack of broadband

6        Customers like to keep in touch via email to us and we email them with information and when billing

7        Need the internet to order online

8        Customers ask for images to be sent to them, in particular when enquiring about a caravan that is for sale, unable to send them have to send from home and email them to home or save on a pen drive to use at home. 

9        Many aspects of running a business can only be submitted using the internet, e.g NRW licensing procedure, looking for information e.g council websites, online trade organization information system (www.bhhpa.org.uk), etc etc

10      It is a constant battle to carry on our business and if l have to do things at home l have to remember to take the relevant information home as l cannot remotely log on to our system because of the broadband issues we have


The list goes on and on but these are just a few points.