Historic Environment Group

Advisory Panel for the Welsh Historic Environment



To encourage partnership working, stakeholder communication and coordinated action across the historic environment sector.

It acts as a forum for organisations with an interest in the historic environment to promote strategic and operational collaboration and delivery across the sector.

To provide independent expert advice to the Welsh Ministers on matters relating to the formulation, development and implementation of policy and strategy in relation to the historic environment of Wales. 


It will act as an independent group of experts to inform a robust evidence base and provide advice on which decisions can be based.



Membership comprises representatives of organisations, rather than individuals acting in their expert capacity.


The group currently comprises 20 Members.


Each participating organisation, association or group of organisations sends a nominated senior representative.

Membership will comprise individuals rather than representatives of organisations. 


The panel must not exceed 15 members.


Individuals will be appointed to the panel based on their skills and expertise.

Appointment process


There is no formal appointment process.


Individuals are nominated by their organisations. Attendance is often rotated between different people within an organisation or between organisations in an association or grouping.

There will be a formal appointment process.


Members will be appointed through open advertisement and competition. 

Work programme and reporting mechanisms


The work programme is developed by Cadw in consultation with members of the group.


The Welsh Minister who is currently responsible for the historic environment usually attends at least part of two meetings a year to directly listen to the views of members and to participate in the discussions.


Minutes of meetings are circulated and made available on request.


The work programme will be developed by the panel for consideration by the Welsh Ministers.


The panel will develop a three-year work programme setting out matters on which it plans to provide the Welsh Ministers with advice.  The work programme will be kept under review over this three-year period. 


It is expected that the panel will formally report to the Welsh Minister on the delivery of the work programme for each three-year period, as well as providing annual progress reports.


These reports will be made publicly available.



No remuneration.

It is proposed that panel members will be appointed for a maximum of 10 days per annum, and receive £145 per day.  The chair will be appointed for 15 days at £190 per day.


The group meets four times a year.


Task and finish groups are frequently convened to consider specific issues. Current subgroups have been tasked with considering climate change and the historic environment and skills provision in the sector.

It is proposed that the panel will meet formally at least two times as year.


Elements of the work will be taken forward outside of meetings. In a number of instances small groups or individuals will be working on specific topics/advice.


The Welsh Minister who is currently responsible for the historic environment or a senior Cadw official chairs the meetings.

A member of the panel will be appointed as the chair.