Finance Committee


Meeting Venue:

Committee Room 2 - Senedd




Meeting date:

Wednesday, 15 July 2015




Meeting time:

09.01 - 10.53




This meeting can be viewed on Senedd TV at:



Concise Minutes:




Assembly Members:


Jocelyn Davies AM (Chair)

Peter Black AM

Christine Chapman AM

Mike Hedges AM

Alun Ffred Jones AM

Ann Jones AM

Julie Morgan AM

Nick Ramsay AM








Mark Drakeford AM, The Minister for Health and Social Services

Chris Tudor-Smith, Welsh Government

Sue Bowker, Welsh Government






Committee Staff:


Bethan Davies (Clerk)

Leanne Hatcher (Second Clerk)

Tanwen Summers (Deputy Clerk)

Martin Jennings (Researcher)

Richard Bettley (Researcher)

Gareth David Thomas (Researcher)

Joanest Varney-Jackson (Legal Adviser)






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1   Introductions, apologies and substitutions

1.1 The Chair welcomed Members to the meeting.


1.2 No apologies were received.




2   Papers to note

2.1 The papers were noted.




3   Public Health (Wales) Bill: Evidence session 1

3.1 The Committee took evidence from the Minister for Health and Social Services.


3.2 The Minister agreed to provide additional information to the Committee.




4   Motion under Standing Order 17.42 to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the following business:

4.1 The Motion was agreed.




5   Public Health (Wales) Bill: Consideration of evidence

5.1 The Committee considered the evidenced received.




6   Consideration of powers: Public Services Ombudsman for Wales: Consideration of draft Bill structure

6.1 The Committee agreed the draft Bill structure.


6.2 Members also noted the letter to the Chair of Finance Committee from the Minister for Public Services.




7   Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill: Agreement of approach to scrutiny

7.1 The Committee agreed the Terms of Reference.




8   Approach to Budget Scrutiny: Welsh Government Draft Budget 2016-17

8.1 The Committee agreed the approach to budget scrutiny.




9   Wales Audit Office

9.1 The Committee noted the correspondence in relation to the Auditor General for Wales and Wales Audit Office Annual Plan 2015-16.


9.2 Members also noted the update provided on the Fleet Report.




10      Future Funding: Update on inquiry

10.1 The Committee noted the correspondence and agreed to write to the Chairperson of the Committee for Finance and Personnel at the Northern Ireland Assembly.