Y Pwyllgor Plant, Pobl Ifanc ac Addysg                                 

Children, Young People and Education Committee










David Rees AM

Health and Social Care Committee

National Assembly for Wales

Bae Caerdydd / Cardiff Bay

 Caerdydd / Cardiff

CF99 1NA



15 December 2014





Dear David


Thank you for your letter dated 2 December.  As you are aware the Committee has just published their report on CAMHS and has already agreed do some further work in this area specifically on prescription drugs and referral rates. 


The timing of this work is uncertain at the moment as the Committee has just started considering the Qualifications Wales Bill and has agreed to conduct its next policy inquiry into supply teachers.


Therefore is unlikely the Committee will have the capacity to undertake a piece of work on the Welsh Government’s Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Strategic Action Plan for Wales before the end of this Assembly.


Yours Sincerely







Ann Jones AC / AM

Cadeirydd / Chair