P-06-1181 Sea bottom trawling is killing our marine wildlife...Stop bulldozing our seas!


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It is shocking that more than 97% of our marine protected areas (MPA), created to safeguard ocean habitats, are being destroyed by being dredged and bottom trawled. Analysis of fishing vessel data found that bottom trawling, the most destructive type of fishing on sea-floor habitats, is happening in 71 out of 73 offshore MPA's around the UK.


We call on the Welsh Government to ban all forms of bottom trawling by both foreign and UK vessels in Welsh waters. We are in an ecological emergency and need action now.


Additional Information:

If we do not take action now, we will have no chance of stopping the shocking loss of biodiversity or mitigate the impacts of climate change.


A recent report "Protecting the Global Ocean for Biodiversity, Food and Climate", is the first study to show the climate impact of bottom trawling globally. This widespread fishing practice involves dragging heavy metal nets along the seabed, effectively bulldozing all sea life before it!


New research has revealed that this system of fishing pumps out one gigaton of carbon every year. This carbon is released from the seabed sediment into the water, and can increase ocean acidification, as well as adversely affecting productivity and biodiversity. Marine sediments are the largest pool of carbon storage in the world. In fact fishing boats that trawl the ocean floor release as much carbon dioxide as the entire aviation industry!


There can be no place for bottom trawling in a modern nature friendly Wales!


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