P-05-912 Supporting Sudden and Unexpected Death in Children and Young Adults, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 11.11.21


I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the committee for your support and commitment to ensuring that families in Wales who lose their child or young person receive an immediate offer of support.


We are absolutely thrilled that the discussion of the petition resulted in a commitment to ensure that support becomes a mandatory offer.


I’d like to extend my gratitude and thanks to the Chair of the Committee, Jack Sargant for supporting the petition and to the Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing Lynne Neagle for declaring the actions for change.


We are delighted at 2wish with the positive outcome and are very much looking forward to working in partnership with cross-party agencies to implement change across Wales to ensure every family receives the mandatory offer of support at the darkest of times.


The last 10 years have been hell and some days continue to be a struggle. However, knowing Paul and Georges lives, and death, continue to help others brings me and my children comfort. Paul should be here today watching Holly and Isaac grow up. Instead, all they have are photographs which are aging every day. The changes this petition will bring will truly change lives. By working with you all and the Bereavement Strategy Group, together we will make a difference. Its wonderful to see Wales leading by example when I am fully aware that organisations are still in discussions with UK Government to see an offer of immediate support!


Thank you and wishing you all the best.