P-05-1078 Increase funding for mental health services and improve waiting times for people needing help in crisis. We need a change!, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 02.11.21


Thanks for sending me the response of the Welsh government, I’ve read the letter and I’m deeply disappointed, ring 111 puts you through to a different wide of options normally resulting in a trip to a&e, A&E is not equipped to deal with mental health and I am many of the ones that have presented in A&E with mental health issues to be told they don’t have the resources to deal with mental health patients and that they have to call out mental health staff to the local A&E to deal with mentally I’ll patients this not only causing the patient to wait around but could cause further distress to them.

Also GP’s are still not seeing patients face to face which is also causing distress for mentally I’ll patients who would rather see a doctor face to face than talk about their problems over the one, myself rang last week to speak to a doctor to be told by a receptionist I will have to wait? Now imagine your feeling down depressed and feeling like their is no hope anymore? Just to be told you would have to wait a week, I also referred myself to my local mental health as I was discharged and was allowed to refer myself within 3 months just to be told no! I done this petition to make a difference and I’m not seeing a different I believe their should be a separate number for mental health crisis not one where you will be put through to someone who deals with injuries etc again I’ve been their myself and the call handler didn’t know how to deal with me just send me up to A&E just to be told they don’t have staff to deal with mental health.

Many people rely on the nhs for mental help and are still being let down due to emerging resources into each other to save cost and funding. Maybe the Welsh government need to spend a day in someone shoes who are constant let down by mental health services because of either waiting times or a doctor just referring the patient to somewhere else and waiting longer. Mental health services in wales are still very much struggling everyday, their is not enough staff to take on case loads of mentally I’ll patients, the staff that are dealing with case loads of mental health patients are struggling to be able to see patients at a certain waiting time. I would love to see a massive improvement instead I’m not seeing an improvement I’m seeing services struggling.

I’m seeing more group work being offered than 1 to 1 not everyone can do group work due to whatever issues they are dealing with I suffer with anxiety and dread doing groups but that’s all I’m ever offered I’ve been on the mind waiting list for nearly 2 years so you can see yourself their is a massive back log and people are still struggling. Open gp surgeries have own mental health phone line that people can ring and offer more community support.