P-06-1213 Ban leisure use of Seadoo/jet ski in Cymru. Except in strictly controlled designated areas, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 02.11.21


Dear Jack,


I am grateful for the opportunity to comment on the Ministers note around the petition I set up asking for more control of the operation of JetSkis around Cymru.


It’s interesting to note that the Minister is keen to inform you of regulations & laws in place to control these sea vehicles. However, it’s clear that enforcement of these rule/laws are problematic in both a practical & legal sense.


The practical issue of law enforcement officers actually being present or on call, to police these individual transgressions would clearly be hugely expensive & impractical.


The legal issue of proving in a court of law ‘intentional or recklessly’ is another hurdle that confounds this approach.


Unless the minister has an unexplained vision of how the application of these regulations on such a piecemeal and ad hoc basis would work & cost?


To cut to the chase, the Minister, has highlighted the issue in her final remarks.


“I recognise that this may not be enough to prevent an irresponsible minority of jet ski users behaving recklessly”.


Evidently it would seem the Minister agrees that the current regulations are not fair or fit for purpose?


We need an easily policed & managed geographical restriction put on the use of these leisure vehicles with exceptions being made for professional and service use controlled via the Coastguard.


For that reason it should be illegal to take these vehicles to sea without a working VHF radio & call sign, and an identifiable registration.


I was under the impression that leisure use of our coast was a devolved issue. I would be dismayed to see a Welsh government again deferring or ‘passing the Buck’ to Westminster! Cymru is not England! Cymru did not vote for the incumbent Westminster government. We do things differently here.


I thank you, the Minister and the committee for your consideration of this matter. I do hope you will arrive at a conclusion that will protect both the wildlife & humans who use our coast.


Yours sincerely,