P-06-1170 An immediate independent review of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 selection process in the WPWL, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 15.09.21


Thank you for asking for a response, I really hope we can get a resolution to this. I appreciate everyone’s hard work. However, I am really disappointed to find out that the Welsh Government can offer no support to its constituents. It seems the FAW can behave how they like and have no consequences. The statement does not address any of my concerns.


I just want to reiterate that we are all volunteers and work full time jobs. We play because we love football. We have a huge history in the top league in Wales for 10 years, therefore we are financially stable. We have established seniors, U19s and U16s sides. We are incredibly competitive being statistically fourth in the league. It seems the FAW has handpicked teams based on the success of their men’s side which I find is back handed sexism. We out perform our men’s side, shouldn’t that be celebrated? Now, Gwent and Monmouth despite have a high population have no representation in the top league in Wales which I find scandalous. We met all the criteria, yet they chose to not to include us. It is bias and it is unfair.


What they have done is broken all the trust and respect we had for their organisation. How can we believe anything they say ever again? They preach about supporting women’s football but they tear us down. Women’s sides are loosing my large margins this year making the league less competitive. I genuinely believe that without fairness and equality, what is sport? I feel we are being discriminated against because we are not as wealthy as other clubs, I believe this to be poorest. Now that the government has chosen to do nothing, the FAW will continue to hand pick what they want and who they want with no consequences ruining football in our area. I encourage you to reach out to our county council in Monmouth who desperately wanted to speak to the FAW but refused them. I believe in Wales we must strive to do better, and be better.


Lastly, I just wanted to explain again that this process was not open. To this day they will not release the scoring to us despite many requests. I do not understand how a public body cannot release that information? To be it reeks of corruption. Like I said before Lowri sat head on the decisions board but equally is head of women’s football in Wales, making it difficult to approach her. She claims to know our league but she has only been involved for two years and one year was spent on maternity. TNS , a side loosing heavily each week in the top flight, their coach is the son of a FAW CEO and that is a conflict of interest. Once again this has been ignored.


I feel that the government response did not answer any of my concerns or address them. All they have done is accepted that the FAW will do better moving forward… it’s an empty promise and it will be broken again. If we don’t stand up now, things will just get worse and worse. We must protect women’s football in Wales properly. That’s what we all want to do.


Thank you,