Rt Hon Lord Hall of Birkenhead




Dear Tony,


Regional Governance of the BBC


The National Assembly’s new committee on Culture, Welsh Language and Communications met for the first time this week and noted with concern your announcement of a Director of Nations and Regions position.

Your statement of the 6 July 2016 mentioned that the Directors in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the regional hubs will report to this role. This would mean that the Director of BBC Cymru Wales will no longer be part of the executive team.

We are concerned that this change will result in a weaker voice for Wales (and the other devolved nations) at a time when the BBC is trying to better recognise the changing nature of the Union as well as increase its portrayal of Wales in its programming and commissioning processes.

Please could you provide us with more detail on how the re-establishment of the Director of Nations and Regions position will ensure Wales, and the other devolved nations, have a strong voice in the future of the BBC across the UK.


Yours sincerely,




Bethan Jenkins AM


Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee

National Assembly for Wales