P-05-1026 Petition to ban the snaring of wildlife for use in the fur trade, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 22.11.20

Dear Sir/Madam,                                                                    22/11/2020 

Petition to Ban the Use of Snares to catch animals for the fur trade in Wales being considered at  meeting on Tuesday 1 Rhagfyr 2020.


I reattach my first correspondence on this matter showing recent evidence of non-target snaring and cruelty.  If legislation is introduced to make it a criminal offence to snare for the fur trade then this satisfies the demands of this petition.

However, on a wider note regarding snaring, as the Welsh Government in considering whether a voluntary approach is driving up operator practice and animal welfare standards, it needs to note that this can never happen – as the code compliant snare – as recommended is proven to cause life threatening injuries and catch as many non-target animals – mainly badgers, and so can never ensure welfare standards.

I attach a copy of DEFRA’s study DETERMINING THE EXTENT OF USE AND HUMANENESS OF SNARES IN ENGLAND AND WALES.  This used the same snare with stop, swivel and breaking point promoted in the Welsh code and the snares were checked twice a day.




Simon Wild