P-05-1023 Welsh Government funding for recycling bins and collections in all education settings in Wales, Correspondence – Petitioner to Committee, 04.10.20


·  What are your thoughts on the attached document?

I found this very informative. It is fantastic to hear that there has been some progress and funding made available towards Wales’ aim to become a circular economy. It is also pleasing to hear that the emphasis will be placed on the producers to cover the costs of recycling their packaging. 


·  Does it adequately address the issues that you raised?

This does address the issues I raised in my petition.


·  Do you have further questions in response?

Was the uptake for the Circular Economy Fund as you’d hoped?

Will the funding increase to roll out the Circular Economy Fund to more institutions? (34 projects is a small fraction of the over 1,500 schools there are in Wales)


·  Is there anything additional that you would like the Committee to know at this stage, either in response to this document or as an update to the Committee?