P-05-911 Protect Wales’ Ancient Yew Trees – Petitioner to Committee, 19.03.20

Thankyou for keeping me informed. At this stage I have no further comments to make except to reiterate that it simply does not make sense that we do not have any legal protection for what is the largest collection of ancient yews on earth, the oldest living trees, here in the UK. It also makes no sense that we are not celebrating the fact that Wales's most important accolade is as the Land of the Yews as we have more of these ancient trees here than in the rest of Britain. This is Wales' true importance in the world. My online petition now has 263,000 signatures and if you were able (after the virus) to arrange for me to come and make a presentation at the Senedd I would be happy to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Janis Fry